Lessons I have learned…

I cannot adequately express my gratefulness to God for allowing me to be a small part of His Kingdom. As I look back over my ministry life I have come to the conclusion that He must have an awesome sense of humor to take someone like me and use me in any capacity. Over a period of 42 years I have been privileged to sit at His feet and grow, albeit slowly, into the call He placed on my life.

I’ve learned a few lessons along the way, most of them the hard way because I’m really stubborn. Here’s just a few of those life/ministry lessons:

1. We often pick the silliest things to be dogmatic about. (People around us are going to hell and we quibble over things like song choices, skinny jeans, and vaccines.)

2. Too often we settle for less than the best. (Maybe we haven’t heard it’s there for us.)

3. We tend to give too much credit to the devil. (Poor thing, always getting blamed for things he didn’t do.)

4. We take a whole lot of scriptures out of context to prove OUR point. (Don’t get me started on that.)

5. We are way more spiritual sounding on Facebook and Twitter than we really are.

6. There’s a little pharisee spirit in all of us no matter where we fall on the liberal/conservative scale.

7. Even though we act like it doesn’t, it really hurts a lot when people leave our church.

8. Some people are hard to love.

9. Those who use flattery to gain access will soon use the proverbial knife to the back to gain power.

10. You will be criticized if you use the word “grace” too much.

It matters whose hands you’re in

In my hands, a baseball, football, golf ball, etc, is only worth what I paid for it at Walmart. That same ball, according to Forbes Magazine, from April 2020-April 2021,

in the hands of Dak Prescott, becomes worth $107.5…

in the hands of Lebron James, becomes worth $96.5m…

in the hands of Roger Federer, becomes worth $90m…

in the hands of Tiger Woods, becomes worth $60m…

in the hands of Fransisco Lindor, becomes worth $45.3m.

Crazy huh? Making that kind of money in a lifetime is stupid, but in one year? Yet these guys made it because of a combination of passion, discipline, determination and natural talent.

The value of each ball is determined by whose hands it’s in.

When it comes to life, the same principle is true. In my hands, my life is at best, worth what I attain through perseverance or skill. In someone else’s hands it’s worth what they can get out of me. In the hands of satan, it’s worth less than nothing.

But in the hands of Jesus, my life was worth dying for.