It matters whose hands you’re in

In my hands, a baseball, football, golf ball, etc, is only worth what I paid for it at Walmart. That same ball, according to Forbes Magazine, from April 2020-April 2021,

in the hands of Dak Prescott, becomes worth $107.5…

in the hands of Lebron James, becomes worth $96.5m…

in the hands of Roger Federer, becomes worth $90m…

in the hands of Tiger Woods, becomes worth $60m…

in the hands of Fransisco Lindor, becomes worth $45.3m.

Crazy huh? Making that kind of money in a lifetime is stupid, but in one year? Yet these guys made it because of a combination of passion, discipline, determination and natural talent.

The value of each ball is determined by whose hands it’s in.

When it comes to life, the same principle is true. In my hands, my life is at best, worth what I attain through perseverance or skill. In someone else’s hands it’s worth what they can get out of me. In the hands of satan, it’s worth less than nothing.

But in the hands of Jesus, my life was worth dying for.

Published by Rick Langford

Husband to The Nancy, father of Matthew and Whitney. Father-in-law to Kalena. Proud Paw to Brigsby and Rowyn. Pastor at Landmark Church in Lafayette, LA

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